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About Us

Proud to be minority and

Crafted and assembled
in Los Angeles

Small business
operating locally

A portion of every sale goes towards helping
pet rescues

Every piece carefully inspected and packaged

Did You Know?

The average pet owner easily spends upwards of $2,000 annually on routine vet office visits, and that's not even counting emergencies. Ouch!


Protect your pet (and your wallet) from all the scratching, licking and chewing with a comfortable recovery cone you can trust. 


Our Story

We believe that dogs are family, which means they deserve higher quality, better designed products made to last. Both of my dogs suffer from year-round allergies. Even with a special diet and frequent vet visits, I would constantly be reaching for their dog cones, either because they were scratching like mad or licking off the topical creams. Then in 2019, Boss, my 10 year-old pug, had to undergo 2 bladder stone surgeries and unexpectedly developed an allergic reaction to the sutures. Again, I found myself reaching for his cone but was frustrated with the lack of comfort it provided and how stressed out he would be when wearing it. Disappointed with the options that were available, I decided to create something that would check off all the boxes: 

Comfort - Supports various sleeping positions, lightweight and super soft

Durability - Withstands normal daily pet activity and is easy to clean

Function - Holds securely in place with reliable enclosures and maintains shape

Design - Beautiful colorways to choose from with a clean silhouette

Paw-sitivity - Makes them feel loved and safe while wearing it


That's how Softee Cone was born!


Our product is crafted and assembled locally in Los Angeles, California. Maintaining the highest quality is the core of our brand identity. Softee Cone is super lightweight and travel-friendly. Its durable, flexible material allows for maximum mobility during playtime and ultimate comfort while they sleep. Every effort was made in sourcing premium materials, even down to the elastic loops, trim and velcro. Plus, it's water-resistant, which makes it easy to clean and can be used outdoors.

I hope your pet loves these cones as much as mine do!

Wishing your pet great health,

Melinda L.


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