Helping your pets
feel their best.


Wellness + Recovery

Smart, thoughtful design that combines comfort, function and style.

We only think of pet recovery cones after a surgery or when an unexpected injury occurs. However, your pet may be dealing with chronic issues such as illness and skin conditions. Softee Cone was created for long-term wellness and post-procedure recovery. Each cone is thoughtfully crafted with a soft foam core and high quality materials. 


Just like you, your pup needs sufficient rest to stay sharp and alert. The flexible, cushion-like core provides maximum head support while they sleep. More importantly, our cone maintains its shape and structure without compromising comfort. It is super lightweight and easy to wear. Your dogs will think they're sleeping on a cloud!

Premium Quality

Crafted and assembled in the USA. Every piece is carefully inspected and packaged. Double-stitched velcro enclosures and piping provide extra durability. The cone features premium weight elastic loops which can be used with a collar for security. The exterior is water-resistant and easy to clean.

Thoughtful Design

Our cone has been carefully tested for comfort and function. It is super soft while maintaining its shape and structure to prevent pets from licking and chewing, giving you peace of mind. Every dog is unique, which is why we offer a special size for dogs with thinner necks and longer snouts such as Dachshunds. Easy to travel with, just roll it up and put it in your bag.


Say goodbye to uncomfortable plastic cones and awkward inflatable collars. Not only are they an eyesore, but your pet probably hates them too! Our cone features a clean, modern look. Colorways are handpicked and show off our signature contrast piping design that fits any aesthetic. Your pets deserve the functionality and protection of a wellness cone without compromising their personality.


Johnny & Olaf

The quality of Softee Cone is unmatched. Finally! A cone Olaf is comfortable and CONEFIDENT in!


Xavier & Lilly

Lilly's so happy with her Softee Cone. And she's not jabbing us with her hard plastic cone anymore!


Geoff & Kesha

With other cones, Kesha will do everything she can to get it off her head. She doesn't do that anymore and now she's not biting at her hot spots.